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Dr. Patrick Schubert

Patrick Schubert, Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Animal Ecology & Systematics
Justus Liebig University
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32 IFZ
D-35392 Giessen
phone: +49 (0) 641 99-35060


Fields of interest/focus of work

  • Mariculture of endangered and ornamental species (e.g., sea horses, giant clams and stony corals)
  • Bioactive substances of marine organisms
  • Interaction of zooxanthellae with Porifera, Cnidaria and Mollusca

Teaching experience 

  • Marine biology and mariculture (MSc Biology)
  • Marine ecology and systematics (BSc Biology)
  • Supervision of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Field courses in marine biology
  • Mariculture and Fishery at the CEMarin in Colombia (PhD Marine Sciences)

Current projects

  • Microbial management of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in closed aquaculture systems
  • Diseases in Hippocampus barbouri and H. fuscus (sea horses) (in cooperation with Prof. Kämpfer; Justus Liebig University Giessen)
  • Nutrition of sea horse larvae (in cooperation with Prof. Eder; Justus Liebig University Giessen)
  • Breeding of giant clams (Tridacna maxima) in closed systems
  • Bioactive substances in the holobiont "sponge" (Haliclona sp.) (in cooperation with Prof. Kämpfer, Prof. Morlock; Justs Liebig University Giessen and Prof. Vilcinskas; Fraunhofer-Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Ökologie IME)
  • pH and calcification of stony corals
  • Experimental aquaculture in Colombia (CEMarin)