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Gäth, Prof. Dr. Stefan

Proffesorship of Waste Management an Environmental Research

Tel  : 0641 - 9937381

Fax : 0641 - 9937389










Fields of interest / focus of work


  •  Material analysis, Stock modeling, Substance evaluation

Behavior of anorganic and organic materials and substances in the soil-plant-ground water system

Transport behaviour of microorganisms in soil

Modelling of water and matter balance in soils and landfill sites


  • Landfill and contaminated sites

Development of alternative surface sealings of the waste landfill sites

Analysis of leachate

Resourcepotential of landfill sites


  • Management systems for the waste management industry

Devolopment of usage-related waste disposal charges

Public relations work for the waste management industry

Waste management system for wholesale and retail


  • Material flow management

"Ideas for waste" - Development of recycling processes

Production-integrated environmental protection

Environmental accounting


  • Microalgae - Plants for renewable biomass


Scientific Career

    • 10/1979-04/1984
      Studies of Agriculture, University Göttingen
    • 04/1987
      Doctoral thesis at the Institut of Soilscience, University Göttingen
    • 04/1987-11/1988
      Research Assistant in the Department of Ecology - Soilscience - (Leader: Prof. Dr. Manfred Renger), TU-Berlin
  • 12/1988-11/1995
     Research Assistant in the Department of Landscape culture (Leader: Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Frede), University Gießen
  • 06/1994
    Habilitation, University Gießen
  • 10/1995 - today
    Chair in Waste Management and Environmental Research