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About the Clinic

The Clinic for Ruminants and Herd Health Management deals with diseases of large and small ruminants at the individual animal level. Herd health is covered for the bovines only. As a Faculty of the Justus-Liebig-University, the clinic is also involved in the training and continuing education of veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

Our qualified team of veterinarians, veterinary technical assistants and care personnel have access to treatment rooms with state of the art equipment for imaging diagnostics (endoscopy, ultrasound and X-ray) and surgery. Our stall area allows boarding of in-house patients individually or pairs in spacious stalls. Deep bedding stalls allow intensive care of recumbent (down) cows, a separate isolation unit with stalls and treatment rooms is available for cases with suspect infectious diseases.

As part of our herd health management consulting services, we offer diagnostic assistance and consultation for cattle operations at the herd level for metabolic disorders, as well as assistance with calf health issues.