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Technology Transfer

For interested partners from business companies, private enterprises, universities, or other research institutions:

TransMIT-Project Division for Parasite Research

As part of TransMIT (, a system partner for innovation in Hesse (Germany), this project division was founded in 2014. It covers the use of established parasite models to provide parasite material for basic and applied research as well as for clinic and/or diagnostic purposes. Furthermore, established in vitro-models (Schistosoma mansoni) are offered for applied research purposes such as testing anti-parasitic substances.


Business activity

  • Generation and delivery of parasite material from schistosomes (S. mansoni; tissue of larvae, adults, and eggs; DNA, RNA, protein of larvae, adults, and eggs)
  • Generation and delivery of fixed parasite material (larvae, adults)
  • Generation and delivery of isolated gonads of S. mansoni (ovary, vitellarium, testes)
  • Generation and delivery of DNA, RNA, or protein from gonad tissues of S. mansoni (ovary, vitellarium, testes)
  • Execution of tests with chemical/pharmaceutical or biological substances on adult schistosomes (S. mansoni) in vitro
  • Execution of microscopic (LM, EM, CLSM) analyses and molecular, biochemical, and physiological assays with adult schistosomes in the context of efficacy test of chemical/pharmaceutical or biological substances in vitro
  • Execution of experiments to establish organ- und cell-cultures of S. mansoni



Prof. Dr. Christoph G. Grevelding

c/o Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
BFS, Institute for Parasitology
Schubertstrasse 81
35392 Giessen



Phone:  +49 (641) 99 38466
   +49 (641) 99 38461 (Secretary)
Fax:    +49 (641) 99 38469