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IPP Cohorts

  • Belsoff, Fabricio
    Forms and functions of agonism in the ecological aesthetics of three performance artworks
  • Brigard, Juan Camilo
    Emplotting (Non)Violence: Representations of Collectivity in Conflict in Colombian Life Writing
  • Christoffel, Jana
    In Pursuit of Happiness? Explorations of Culture-specific Models of a Good Life in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction
  • Goodrich, Candace
    Reading ecosemiospheres - A Comparative Analysis of Extractive Fiction and Art
  • Jung, Sebastian
  • Rezaei, Somaye
    Toward a Conceptualization of Satiric Ethics: Transformative Justice of the Antiracist Humor in US Comic Journalism
  • Sachenko, Vira
    Figurations of the transnational in Ukrainian feminist scholarship
  • Schmieder, Robin
    Vlogging the Self – A Narratology of Online Video Diaries
  • Tarku, Iryna
    Stories of the Mundus Inversus: Memory, Trauma, and Resilience in Donbas War Prose
  • Vodjgani, Zahra
    Auto-fiction and Resilience in Iranian-francophone writers