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AG Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Children's and young adult literature in literary and cultural-studies terms.

Since 2006, the AG for Children's and Young Adult Literature has been an active, transdisciplinary nexus for advanced students who share a common interest in studying children's and young adult literature under the lens of literary and culturals studies.


Focal points:

  • The theory, definition, and methodology of analysing children's and young adult literature
  • History of children's and young adult literature
  • History of the research on children's and young adult literature
  • Narratological structures in children's and young adult literature
  • Comparative studies of children's literature
  • Postmodern structures in contemporary juvenile literature
  • Trends in media aimed at children and young adults
  • Reception of juvenile literature
  • Interdisciplinary aspects
  • The action systems (Handlungssysteme) of juvenile literature


Target group

The AG is intended for doctoral students and advanced undergrads.



The AG meets every two months at an alternating location: either the Zentrum für Literature (Turmstraße 20, 35578 Wetzlar) or the Institut für Jugendbuchforschung at the Goethe University Frankfurt (Grüneburgplatz 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main). Aspects of children's and young adult literature are discussed over the course of paper presentations, lectures, and workshops, with subject matter selected in accordance with members' coursework and research activites. Ultimately, we intend to host more guest scholars from other institutions by scaling up to become a section.



Zentrum für Literatur in WetzlarInstitut für Jugendbuchforschung in Frankfurt


Group leader:

  • Maren Bonacker