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GGK Working Groups

In addition to the GGK’s sections and the GCSC’s research areas (RAs), working groups (Arbeitsgruppen or AGs) are also active as forums for scholarly exchange.

GGK Working Groups (AGs)

Working Groups are hybrid structures that collaborate with both the RAs and the sections. An AG can either serve as a forum or as a fixed time period for handling a topic. In contrast to the sections, which represent a longer-term organizational unit, AGs are dissolved after the completion of a project. An AG can, however, be the preliminary step toward a section. Should AG members work collaboratively over a longer time period and develop a productive discourse, there’s the potential to continue the exploration of the topic area within the framework of a section.

According to the interests of the members, the projects can evolve with an emphasis on either research or practice. The boundaries are fluid; museum excursions that introduce exhibition practices can just as easily take place as workshops organized on career relevant topics. When there’s a focus on topics salient to research, the GGK and GCSC support the collaboration with sections and/or RAs.