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AG Issues of Aesthetics

After its re-establishment in summer 2018, the AG Issues of Aesthetics currently deals with the phenomena of urban aesthetics as an overarching topic in all its breadth. The aim is to explore various facets of urban aesthetics and aesthetics of architecture, taking as our departure point the claim that, as early as the origins of modern aesthetic thought, found in Addison and Steele’s The Spectator, the city was ‘an immediate and everyday source of aesthetic pleasures’ (Ghita 156).


Formed as an interdisciplinary group this AG is focused on a broader understanding of aesthetics – one that is not confined to visual art and the fabric of art criticism. Setting out with reflections on and thoughts that emanate from observation and experience of urban space, the AG uses the various phenomena of urban aesthetics as starting points for research.


Building on contemporary studies of culture and theory we wish to explore what it means to move in and/or inhabit a city in the 21st century, and what kind of aesthetic experience may be derived from it.


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