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AG Game Studies

About the AG Game Studies

The AG Game Studies is a group of students, phd students and post-docs who share a genuine interest in the academic study of (digital) games. Ever since the emergence of Game Studies around the turn of the millenium, interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives have consistently been proven fruitful to embrace the multimodal nature of games and the many facets of their medial representations (e. g. literary, cultural and film studies, linguistics, history as well as queer studies and media psychology). The AG Game Studies follows the interdisciplinary approach and thus welcomes researchers of every academic background who are interested in the study of games.

With regard to the academic analysis of the interactive medium game, we are concerned with questions surrounding the content of games and its formal representation, ludic genres, game mechanics, gameworlds/storyworlds/game spaces, characters and interface, as well as questions that focus on the production, distribution and reception of games.

In our meetings, we read and discuss academic texts, present findings of our research projects, offer discussions and close readings of games and organize theme nights as well as conferences to which we invite keynote speakers on selected topics.

Besides our continuous education in Game Studies, we aim at connecting with external institutions and research groups and try to establish the emerging field of Game Studies at JLU.



Speaker: Stephanie Lotzow ()
Co-Speaker: Kristin Karl ()


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Past Events

  • „Literary Gaming: Digital Culture between Narrative Play and Electronic Literature“. Keynote and Masterclass by Prof. Dr. Astrid Ensslin (University of Bergen, Norway) in the context of the GCSC's Keynote Lecture Series, 2021.
  • „Pandemic Narratives“. Interdisciplinary theme night of the AG Game Studies with a keynote by Dr. Markus Reitzenstein (JLU Gießen) on „Ansteckendes Erzählen, virale Kultur: Epidemien als Metapher“, 2021.
  • „Playing History“. Interdisciplinary theme night of the AG Game Studies with a keynote by Adrian Latsch on „History Designer – Die Diskrepanz zwischen Corporate Identity, Popkultur und wissenschaftlichem Fortschritt am Beispiel von ‚Assassin’s Creed‘“, 2021.
  • „Game Studies Among Us: Crewmate or Imposter?“. Interactive game night of the AG Game Studies in the context of the GCSC's Induction Week, 2021.
  • „Fear the Game – Horror, Störung, Game Design“. Theme night of the AG Game Studies with a presentation of the AG's game design project „The Rats in the Walls“, 2018.
  • „Blickwinkel. Zur Intermedialität von Games, Filmen und Literatur“ (keynote by Dr. Britta Neitzel, HBK Braunschweig), 2017.
  • „Die Wissenschaft vom Spiel. Computerspiele in Forschung und Lehre“ (keynote by Prof. Dr. Jochen Koubek, Universität Bayreuth), 2014.


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