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AG Global South

The AG Global South offers a space in which geopolitical perspectives on African, Latin American, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Asian and Polynesian cultural and social realities will be articulated and discussed. Working critically with the concept of Global South, we want to explore contemporary contexts in regions which share a similar, yet different historical condition. This project, we believe, can be achieved by pursuing an interdisciplinary dialogue, which both values and challenges ways of knowledge production and intellectual traditions.

Rather than singularly highlighting a geopolitical, cultural and/or social context, we want to focus on the power dimensions and hierarchies that make historical experiences and contemporary realities different to what is known as the Global North. At the same time, the Global South highlights the interconnectedness and entanglement of different locali-ties in the modern/colonial world and tries to overcome the ideas of separateness and idiosyncrasies associated with Area Studies as well as their complicity with imperial projects. In this regard, the Global South aims at fostering communication and strengthening GCSC networks with academics in the global south and contributes to strengthening the inclusion of that knowledge in German knowledge production and reception.


Among other topics we are interested in addressing the following:

  • How useful is the category of “Global South”?
  • How has it been shaped and reshaped by both global and local dynamics?
  • Who is represented within the category of the Global South?
  • How does the Global South change the perspective on history, society and culture?
  • As a tool how does the Global South narrate and understand histories?
  • In how far is there an interplay between nonwestern and western traditions?



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