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How do I apply to host an event?

GGK application guidelines: academic events.

Any member of a section or working group can submit an application to the GGK directorate for administrative and financial support of the following:

  • Inviting guest speakers to a lecture or workshop,
  • Inviting speakers to present at a conference (with a maximum of 20 participants),
  • Organizing larger conferences,
  • Closed-door meetings/retreats – to prepare a book-length project, for example.

The GGK provides support in procuring and paying for a meeting space, in implementing your plans, and usually assumes the costs of travel and accommodations for speakers, as well as their speaker fee (honorarium). Prerequisite for speakers is a doctoral degree. Speakers based on the campus of JLU are not, unfortunately, eligible for remuneration.

Sections and working groups seeking to organize an event should contact Jacqueline Sim in the early stages to arrange an appointment during PhD consultation hours and complete the appropriate application form.