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Historical Theory and Methods of Source Analysis (6)

The GGK Section 6 works at the intersection of historical disciplines and cultural studies. The interdisciplinary field of cultural history deals with a broad area of subjects and is characterised by a variety of methods and theories. Against this background, young researchers in particular engage in questions regarding their own position within this diverse field and regarding the theoretical and methodological basis of their research.

The Section fosters exchange on theories of history and historiography and on the application of methods from cultural and historical studies. We discuss issues stemming from on-going research of PhD students and we are particularly interested in providing opportunities for research practice. Thus, the section has organised several workshops on archival research and a PhD lecture series. In 2018, the edited volume Perspektiven der Kulturgeschichte: Gegenstände, Konzepte, Quellen was published with Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier.



Attention! We are looking for new speaker for this Section. Please contact Daria Steiner () for further information.


Previous Projects

Workshop „Archives“ , organised by Dr. Paul Vickers.

PhD Lecture Series „Weg von der Meistererzählung: Neue Perspektiven der Kulturgeschichte“ at the Historical Institute, Justus Liebig University Giessen, in cooperation with the GCSC Teaching Centre and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Stefan Rohdewald.

Workshop “Das eigene Archiv: Von der Sammlung zur Analyse” organised by Corinne Geering.