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Position and task of the panel

The panel in Justus Liebig University's Development Plan 2030


The panel plays a central role in the development of the strategic cross-sectional dimension "sustainability" at JLU. Its tasks are set out in the university's Development Plan 2030 (English version):

"The Panel on Planetary Thinking, established in 2020 with the support of the Presidential Board, provides scientific support for concept development and strategy formation in the field of sustainability. The Panel on Planetary Thinking functions as a research-oriented think tank that draws on the cross-disciplinary expertise of top JLU scientists and strengthens a university-wide perspective on sustainability and supports the transfer of relevant topics from research and teaching to society through high-profile events. 


The Panel in the Hessian Higher Education Agreement 2021-2025


The Panel on Planetary Thinking also performs its tasks in accordance with the Hessian Higher Education Agreement 2021-2025, which focuses on planetary thinking (German version):

"Ecological, economic and social sustainability must play an important role in the actions of every university in view of scientifically proven knowledge about the exceeding of planetary boundaries (planetary thinking). As the future factories of society, the universities create scientific, economic, social and cultural innovations and knowledge that are transferred and support sustainable social development. In research and teaching, sustainability topics can be viewed from a multidisciplinary perspective and made tangible in practice. Universities train the leaders, decision-makers and teachers of tomorrow. These multipliers can practically advance the social transformation process."