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How to Become a Member

As a member, you have access to all offers and services of the GGS free of charge.

The GGS Membership entitles you to directly register tfor workshops and other available offers.

Becoming a member takes just a few minutes:


You can become a member of the GGS if you are conducting scientific research at the faculties of Business & Economics, Social Sciences, or Law of the JLU Giessen, i.e. if you are doing your doctorate, qualifying as a professor or are in another kind of postdoc phase.

If you are conducting research at another faculty of JLU Giessen, you may also become a member if your research interests correspond with the thematic priorities of the GGS.


In order to become a member, please send an e-mail containing the following pieces of information to

  • pre- and surname
  • supervisor
  • faculty, department
  • dissertation topic (if already specified)
  • proof of doctorate or employment as researcher at JLU: assurance of your supervisor, (preliminary) acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the faculty, or a signed supervision agreement



Please note that we need verification of your JLU-affiliation: the least we will need is proof for your employment or the assurance of your supervisor. Ideally, this would be complemented with the acceptance of your doctorate at the faculty. Please attach a scan of the relevant documents to your e-mail.