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About the GGS

The Giessen Graduate Centre for Social Sciences, Business, Economics and Law (Giessener Graduiertenzentrum Sozial-, Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften – GGS), which opened its doors on June 18, 2012, addresses doctoral students and postdocs of JLU faculties 01, 02 and 03, as well as doctoral students and postdocs of related faculties whose focus of research matches that of the GGS.

It is the aim of the GGS to create a research-intensive environment, to provide trainings and further education programmes which are geared towards the target group, and the chance to already establish a national and international network during the early phase of scientific qualification, hence offering the best possible framework conditions to the up-and-coming junior scientists of the GGS.

GGS Office

Managing Committee of the GGS

The GGS office is the place to go to for all questions concerning the offers and services of the GGS. The office plans and organises all offers for its members. Furthermore, it offers advice and member support of all varieties.

GGS Office Employees

The Managing Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of the GGS and makes decisions of fundamental importance to the Centre.

Members of the GGS Managing Committee

Services at the GGS

The GGS offers a wide range of services to its members, which – amongst others – includes the following areas: