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Research activities at the GGS are divided into thematic clusters which are reflected by the sections. With reference to the projects, cooperations transcending the sections are also possible and even desired. Sections emerge depending on the initiative of the researchers – thus, newly developed sections are not only possible but also desired.

Become active in both sections and working groups!
You are a (junior) scientist and interested in becoming involved in one of the already existing sections or you would like to know more about a certain section? The sections‘ speakers would be delighted to hear from you!
Age(ing) in Society
Dirk Medebach / Dr Jonas Metzger / Susanne Christ
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Behavioral and Social Finance and Accounting
David Finck / Jenny Bethäuser / Professor Dr Peter Tillmann / Professor Dr Arnt Wöhrmann
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Educational Governance
Michelle Meier / Dr Martin Reuter
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Global Health & Human Rights
Professor Dr Michael Knipper / Dr Sascha Krannich
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Human-Animal Studies
Liza Bauer / Theresa Braun
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Statehood and International Transformations
Finn Freund / Murad Nasibov / Vera Strobel
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Cultures of the Political
PD Dr Jens Maeße / Thomas Linpinsel
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Media, Science and Technology
Tristan Dohnt / Nico Wettmann / Madita Zöller-Cannito
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Human Rights and Democracy
Prof Dr Regina Kreide / Hannes Kaufmann
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Norms and Changes in Global Politics
Prof Dr Helmut Breitmeier / PD Dr Janne Mende / Dr Mischa Hansel / Dr phil Alex Reichwein / Dr Falk Ostermann / Dr Julia Drubel / Katrin Strobehn
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Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Dr Sascha Abdel Hadi / Dr Pascale Stephanie Petri / Dr Aikaterini Eleni Tsantila / Katja Wehrle
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Political Education
Prof Dr Sophie Schmitt / PD Dr Stefan Müller / Luana Sommer / Christoph Panzer / Elia Scaramuzza
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Transnational and Intersectional Critques of Power
Dr Marie Reusch / Sheila Ragunathan
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