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Financial support of the GGS working groups and research sections

The working groups and research sections of the GGS can receive annual financial support from the GGS. Following you can find more details about the procedure and the guidelines.


Guidelines for the financial support of the GGS sections (update from November 3, 2023).

The guidelines apply to the following two funding formats:

Annual funding of the GGS research sections and working groups

Application deadlines: annually on December 15; since 2023 also on June 15

In order to enable the research sections and working groups at the GGS to carry out events and smaller projects at the Giessen location, it is possible for them to receive financial support per calendar year.

Important templates for the financial support can be found here:

Research sections and working groups of the GGS can now submit applications for financial support in 2024. The deadline for submission of applications is December 15, 2023. Submission is via the web form linked here.

Application for the organisation and funding of the GGS Annual Conference

Application deadline: December 15, 2023

Separate from the annual funding, the sections and working groups can apply in a separate application procedure for the organisation of the GGS annual conference and its funding with 3.000,00 €. Only one GGS Annual Conference per year will be approved and funded. The application by several sections together in one application is desired, but not a prerequisite for a successful application. Co-funding of the annual conference by other funders is possible.

Submission is via the web form linked here.