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Age(ing) in Society

Mission Statement

In times of demographic change, the topic of age(ing) is gaining in significance in the social, economic and legal dimension. Age(ing) is often discussed in such a framework as an individual phenomenon or a natural biological process. “Age(ing) in Society” focuses on societal changes and reciprocal effects, causes of problems, their consequences and how to deal with them. Of paramount importance are human coexistence and participation, cultural practices, psycho-social conflicts, political action, medical practice, economic interests as well as legal possibilities and limitations.
Against this social perspective background, this section aims at a transdisciplinary exchange and at an integration and synthesis of knowledge about the multi-factors influencing age(ing). Promoting early-career researchers is central to this goal. Doctoral students are the primary target group; advanced students are also welcome. The activities of the section will include outreach in the region in order to encourage dialogue with actors from different fields of practice (e.g. politics, culture, health and civil society).
We would be glad of your interest in working with us and in expanding the network at Justus Liebig University and beyond.


Current Events




18:30 Uhr, Kooperations-/Vernetzungsgespräche Wissenschaft



14-18 Uhr Workshop

„Ist Altern eine Krankheit? Anti-Aging-Medizin im Spannungsfeld von Therapie und Enhancement“ in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Geschichte der Medizin

Ort: Alte Universitätsbibliothek, AUB 4 (Bismarckstr. 37)




15:00 Uhr, Kooperations-/Vernetzungsgespräche regionale Praxisakteure



Workshop „Methoden und Strategien empirischer Alter(n)sforschung“

Ort: Gästehaus „Alexander-von-Humboldt-Haus“ (Rathenaustraße 24 A)



Öffentliche Gastvorträge:

17:00 Prof. Dr. Frank Schulz-Nieswandt:
Pflegepolitik und die Komplexität des lokalen Versorgungsgeschehens

17:30 Dr. Annette Franke:
Kritische Lebensereignisse und Gesundheit im Alter

Ort: Alexander-von-Humboldt-Haus, Rathenaustr. 24 A, Gießen



13-17 Uhr Workshop

„Das verwirrte Selbst - Sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Demenz und Gesellschaft“ – Teil 2

Ort: Konferenzzimmer (Raum 104), Hauptgebäude der JLU (Ludwigstraße 23)