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Postcast - the Podcast for Postdocs at the GGS

By clicking one of the images you will be referred to the relevant podcast episode. Please note that all interviews (so far) have been conducted in German.

Episode 5:

Tenure Track Professur

Our interviewee: Professor Dr Nicolas Pröllochs, Chair of Data Science and Digitalisation at JLU




Episode 4:

Research Stays Abroad

Our interviewee: Dr Katharina Ameli, Coordinator at the Forschungszentrum Tierschutz [ForTis] & Certified Course "Tiergestützte Dienstleistungen"



Episode 3:

The path to an Emmy Noether application

Our interviewee: Stefanie Walter, PhD., head of the "Emmy Noether early career researcher group" at the Technical University Munich




Episode 2:

To do or not to do a habilitation - in social sciences and cultural studies

Our interviewee: Professor Dr Andrea Gawrich, Professor for International Integration with a special focus on Eastern Europe, Research Dean at department 03



Episode 1:

Academic Self-Administration and Committee Work

Our interviewee: Professor Dr Christina Bannier, Chair for Banking & Finance at JLU Giessen