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Registration and Deregistration (Terms of Participation)

Terms of Registration Lehre 4.0


Depending on the provider of the training and further courses, a specific registration procedure follows, whereby the guidelines of the respective provider must be observed. The following guidelines apply to courses whose provider is Lehre 4.0.

Registrations for courses of Lehre 4.0 will be made by .

Each event has an individual registration deadline.

Registrations will be considered according to date and time of receipt. JLU employees and relatives are always given priority. You will receive a timely feedback on whether your registration was successful. Your registration is binding and obligates you to attend the respective course without interruption.



If you are unable to attend a course, we kindly ask you to unsubscribe by at least 7 days before the beginning of the course so that other interested participants can move up from the waiting list.


Stayaway or Incomplete Course Attandence

In case of non-participation in an event without a timely deregistration or justified cancellation or incomplete event attandencet (more than 20% absence on a course) you will be documented in case of recurrence and acted accordingly. Excuses include illness, accident, death in the family and force majeure. In cases of doubt, Lehre 4.0 will decide.


Terms of Registration of Other Providers

Lehre 4.0 bundles all offers and events around the topic "E-Learning in higher education" at the JLU. This means that we bring together events from different centers and institutions in our event overview. Please note the individual conditions of participation of the providers:


  • Terms of Participation HRZ (The participation in events, where the HRZ is the provider, depends on the individual conditions of the speakers.)