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Oct 12, 2018: Uniforum "Digitalisierung der Lehre"

The project is presented in a press release in the latest edition of the Uniforum.

Uniforumbericht Q4/2018 "Digitalisierung der Hochschullehre"
Uniforum Report Q4/2018 "Digitalisierung der Hochschullehre"     

Just in time for the launch of the project website, the project presents itself once again in a very unique setting.

In the latest issue of the Uniforum (Q4/2018) you will find an article on "Digitalisierung der Hochschullehre", which takes up this topic and presents the work of the project team and the project in a detailed way.


Take a look at the current Uniforum issue - On page 9 you will find our press article.


We hope you enjoy reading it!

The Lehre 4.0 - project team