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June 12, 2019: The Project as guest at the Coffee Lecture of the University Library

Last Wednesday, on 5th June 2019, we were guests at the Coffee Lecture of the University Library at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen.

Our topic? the digitalization of teaching in higher education. And since the Coffee Lecture is primarily a format for students, we presented not only the advantages for teacher in higher education, but also the versatile possibilities and positive aspects of digitalization for students.

The first use of the green screen was exciting as well! The greenscreen makes it possible to insert and kind of background while editing the finished images and to replace it with the green screen. Wh haven't included puppies or cat-content here and inserted the presentation slides instead.

Aroused interested? Then just click on the picture below and you will get straight to the video of the Coffee Lecture on the YouTube-Channel of the University Library.