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Nov 19, 2019: TEFLhybrid@JLU - hybrid learning in foreign language teacher education


TEFLhybrid@JLU (TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language; JLU = Justus Liebig University) is a newly developed course format that combines place-based, face-to-face instruction (f2f) in the classroom with more exploratory, collaborative, and increasingly self-regulated learning in virtual space (online). Within this format, all interaction takes place in the English language. ‘Hybrid learning’ implies a functional combination of various approaches and media.

With support from "Einstieg mit Erfolg 2020" (sub-project "Expansion of e-learning offerings"), a new hybrid course format was tested at the Chair of English Didactics at the Institute of English Studies at Justus Liebig University in the summer term of 2019. TEFL Hybrid Learning (TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language) focuses on systematically linking various media, methods and approaches, such as guided learning in class (offline) with independent learning in virtual space (online), i.e. individual and collaborative learning phases, print media and digital media, instruction and exploration, theory and practice.

In an interview, Professor Dr Jürgen Kurtz reports on his experiences with the implementation of the new event and gives tips on what teachers who also want to convert their concept to a hybrid format should bear in mind.

















(v.l.) Eileen Gebhardt, Dr. Leo Will, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kurtz, Frauke Peter, Nadine Traughber, Anne Traub, Dr. Lambrini Loumbourdi, Quelle: (Aufruf: November 19, 2019).