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Nov 5, 2019: Financial Support for digital learning and teaching content productions (german)

Line of funding within the project "Digitally based teaching and learning in Hessen" (digLL) for the digital learning and teaching content productions.


The production on digital learning and teaching content for the hessian webportal of the project can be funded.The Funding is offered by the hessian project "Digitally based teaching and learning in Hessen"


Aims and Main Focus

The focus ist based of high-quality content which can be used in class an teaching scenarios. All digital offers resulting from this fund must be publicly accessible under tle licence "CC BY-SA 4.0", "CC BY 4.0" or "CC 0" in the LMS of the participating universities or in the Hessian state portal. In addition, no proprietary tools or browser extensions (e.g. Flash, Java or Silverlight plug-ins) may be required to use the content. In addition, the concept of accessibility should also be taken into account.


Funding Scope

The maximum funding per project is 20,000 euros for a maximum funding period until 31 December 2020. Personnel, material costs (including licence costs) and travel expenses are eligible. The necessity must be stated conclusively in the application. When calculating the personnel costs for the funding project, the DFG's current flat-rate personnel funding rates without increase for subsequent years must be used as a basis. Subcontracts and/or work contracts for external practice and/or project partners are possible as part of the application process.


Funding Period

Submission deadline is January 15, 2020. The funding period runs from March 1, 2020 to December 31 2020.



The application should include a short summary

of the planned course, general information, a

description of the project content and the financing plan.

General Information

  • Title/Topic of project
  • Classification of profession/ field
  • project partners


Description of the project

  • A brief summary (in particular, whether the finished product complements Blended Learning or is a stand-alone offering).
  • Learning and qualification objectives (Which competences should be taught to students? How is the acquisition of competences ensured/checked?)
  • Content of the teaching/learning programme (detailed structure and description of content)
  • Media didactic concept (Which media should be used? Detailed description of how the learning offer/course should be structured.)
  • Work packages including milestone planning.


Further Information is available in the offical funding declaration (german).

Contact the digLL-Website for general information and contact person (englisch).