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Cultural processes and identity discourses in Eastern Europe

The interdisciplinary cooperation project „Cultural processes and identity discourses in Eastern Europe“, funded by the German Research Foundation (German: DFG – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) was carried out in the Giessen Center for Eastern European Studies (GiZo) from December 2009 to January 2014. The respective sub-projects of the departments Eastern European History, Slavic and Turkic Studies, were funded for three years. With the main focus on History and Linguistics the cooperation project explored identity discourses in History and in the presence in different regions of Eastern Europe, including South Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Eastern Central Europe and russian-turkic-language communities like Tatarstan (Russian Federation) and Kazakhstan. The Results of the cooperation project will be published in an anthology by the publishing company „Harrassowitz“ in the year 2015.

Interdisciplinary Project "Cultural processes and identity discourses in Eastern Europe"