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PIN and PUK / PIN-letter

PIN and PUK / PIN-letter

You will receive the PIN-letter including PIN, PUK and lock code together with the JLU ID card.

The PIN has to be typed in every time you use the crypto chip (e.g. when you register with FlexNow or update the certificate). Wait for the prompt of the PIN-Pad of the card reader (if the reader has no PIN-Pad at the keyboard) and type it in. Do not write the PIN down in order to remember it more easily! If you type in ten consecutive wrong PIN numbers, the PIN will become ineffective. You can only activate a PIN again with the help of your PUK. If you type in ten consecutive wrong PUK numbers, the crypto chip will be locked forever. In this case, you will have to order a new JLU ID card.

You can choose a PIN with your PUK. The best PIN is an easily memorable number which is not trivial or easily to be guessed.

The PIN-letter also contains your login details for your IT-Service-Centre-Account (“HRZ-Kennung”): your username (“s-Kennung”) and the already activated email address as well as corresponding passwords. Do NOT keep your PIN-letter together with your ID card!