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WiFi Overview

The university computer center (HRZ) installs and operates the wireless LAN (WiFi) of the University of Giessen as one part of the campus network. On this and the following pages, you can find information and guides on how gain access to WiFi.

First Step

In order to access WiFi, you need a HRZ or device account (consisting of a username and password).

At JLU there are the following WiFi networks:


This is the standard WiFi at JLU. Students, employees, and even guests can use JLU’s eduroam because the university takes part in the eduroam Association.


This is a special WiFi for conferences and events at the University of Giessen, which can be provided as needed. Via this WiFi, conference participants whose parent institutions do not take part in the Eduroam Association can connect via the network of JLU to the internet. For this, a special access password is needed. Before your event, contact the network group at the HRZ so that they can turn on the WiFi network and send you the access password. The conference WiFi network, in contrast to eduroam, is not encrypted! We recommend using additional encryption technology, e.g. VPN, when using this.

Please note: The HRZ can only support a conference with WiFi and internet connections with at least five days’ notice prior to the start. If you register for this later, we cannot guarantee you will receive access.


This WiFi is only available to students and employees of JLU in order to initially configure the WiFi eduroam.

Additional information

Using WiFi at JLU is normally only for business purposes or for your studies. If you need WiFi access in your institute or office, please contact the network group at the HRZ (Tel. 13116, Operating and using wireless data networks at JLU is regulated in the WiFi Regulations of July 31, 2009.

Installing and operating one’s own access points is not allowed.