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SAS License Purchase

SAS is a comprehensive system for statistical analysis. In addition to the usual methods, it contains variance analyses with variance modeling (PROC MIXED), path analysis methods, and very powerful graphics.

Information Description
Current version 9.4 (TS1M8)
Platforms WIN
License program

No campus contract, various license models, including a faculty license for FB11 Medicine and a demand-oriented package of single-user licenses

Subscription rights

Employees and facilities of the University of Giessen

In Faculty 11 (employees and students via faculty license)


a) Individual licenses:

Justus Liebig University Giessen acquires a demand-oriented license contingent every year. This contingent relates to the SAS basic package. Every year in July, all current licensees and registered interested parties are asked whether they are still interested in SAS licenses and would like to place a binding order. The contract is then extended for another year (starting November 1st).

If you are interested in a reservation for the upcoming license period, please send an email to .


b) Faculty license (currently only Faculty 11)

As part of the faculty license, all employees and students of Faculty 11 can use a temporary SAS license. All authorized users can apply for the license and information on downloading the installation media via the following web form (Registration with HRZ user ID required).

c) Chair license

In addition to the models mentioned above, SAS also offers the option of a chair license. This enables all employees of the chair to use the SAS software. Depending on which SAS licenses and modules you have been using up to now, this model can be worthwhile from approx. 3 individual licenses. If you are interested, to discuss your specific requirements.


Free alternative for employees and students?

The use of 'SAS Analytics U' may be an alternative. This version includes two software options that are offered free of charge to teachers, researchers, and students at JLU. These include the SAS University Edition and SAS On Demand for Academics. This may already cover your needs. For further information please see this page:

License type Purchase license
License period 1 year
Download and installation You will receive this information via HRZ license management after purchasing the license.
FAQ Here you will find frequently asked questions about SAS