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Composition of the Study Programme

Subject combinations

This programme of study consists of one major subject, one first minor subject and one second minor subject.


Possible major subjects:

  • English Language, Literatures and Cultures
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Possible first minor subjects:

  • Czech
  • English Language, Literatures and Cultures
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Slavic Languages and Cultures: Polish Studies/Polish
  • Slavic Languages and Cultures: Russian Studies/Russian
  • Slavic Languages and Cultures: South Slavonic Studies/Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
  • Slavic Languages and Cultures: Ukranian Studies/Ukrainian

Possible second minor subjects:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics

This programme of studies imparts basic knowledge and essential  research results of the selected foreign language subjects and business studies. All subjects are intended to train students in scientific analysis, in professional expression and communication and in team work. The modularised BA examination is intended to determine whether the candidates have gained the knowledge and qualifications necessary to enter their chosen profession, in terms both of language and of business or economics, and are independently capable of applying knowledge and methods from both those fields and profitably bringing them together in professional life.

The third year includes a semester abroad, in which students become closely acquainted with a culture relevant to their foreign-language main subject and their minor subjects in the local sociocultural context and are expected thereby to develop their intercultural and foreign language skills.


International dimension

Students can arrange their semester abroad internally, through the procedures of individual departments at JLU, or make their own applications. In each case, students are to have a preparatory and advisory discussion with a study advisor in their second year. During their semester abroad, students are to gain a total of 16 to 20 credit points, relevant to their main language subject, their second language subject and/or their second minor subject. Where reasonable, the courses taken at the host university are recognised as equivalent to components of thematically similar modules in their major, first and/or second minor subjects. The BA thesis can be written in a language other than German, subject to the examiners' agreement and suitable marking being possible.

Each student's examination results are collated in a table (in English and German) showing the module titles, the dates of examinations taken, the grades, the total grade (ECTS grade) and the title of the student's BA thesis.

Students are considered to have completed the degree programme successfully once they have successfully completed all the compulsory modules in their chosen major subject, first minor subject and second minor subject.


BA Thesis

Almost half of the study time in the sixth semester is allotted to writing a thesis. In the BA thesis, students are expected to show that they are capable of independent academic working within a limited time.

The thesis is marked by two examiners.