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Educational Science: Adult and Continuing Education, Extracurricular Education (M.A.)

Taught in German.


Master of Arts (MA)

Duration of studies

4 semesters - 120 credit points (cp)


since 18 August 2008


The consecutive Master's degree course Educational Science: Adult and Continuing Education, Extracurricular Education offers either a research-oriented further qualification for the field of extracurricular education of young people or personal further education.
It fits onto the preceding Bachelor's degree course Adult and Continuing Education, Extracurricular Education (taught in German) in Giessen.
Graduates of the course deepen their scientific-systematic problem awareness of the current state of modernisation and the developmental changes in the extracurricular youth education and further education. In the modules systematic perspectives are developed and work is done on the state and functioning of the field. 
In this way the graduates obtain the basics for leading and delegating tasks in public and private sectors of extracurricular youth education, further training as well as for research and development.

Entrance requirements

For admission to the Master's degree course the successful completion of the Bachelor's course Extracurricular Education (JLU) or of a Bachelor's course in educational science (or equivalent academic qualification) of another university with recognized sections of studies involving extracurricular youth education or adult education/further education, with a size of at least totalling 24 cp (credit points), as well as a section of studies involving research methods, with a size of at least totalling 10 cp (credit points) is required.

Additionally the following academic degrees are accepted as equivalent admission to the course:


  • Diploma and Master's degree courses in educational science
  • Completed Bachelor's degree in the subject area of social work with a section of studies involving youth education or adult education of no less than 24 cp, as well as a section of studies involving research methods, with a size of at least totalling 10 cp (credit points).

During the application and admission procedure the Board of Examiners can recognize other courses as equivalent after individual assessment. This particularly applies to Bachelor's degree programmes in Social Sciences regarding the subject areas of "Sociology" or "Political Science" in conjuction with a proven and relevant three-year working experience (of at least 3000 hours) in the working fields of extracurricular education (adult and continuing education, political education and the like).

In the course of the individual assesment the Board of Examiners can conduct entrance tests and decides upon their implementation and methods. The applicants will be invited to the test within two weeks. The test must be taken within six weeks after the application deadline in accordance with the matriculation policy of Hesse in its up-to-date version.

Application and admission

  • The degree course is not limited internally.
  • The general application deadline of JLU Gießen is July 15 for the winter semester.
  • Please note that the application period for the Master's course can be extended. This information will be published here (in German).
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. More on this...

Commencement of studies

Only possible in the winter semester.

Composition of degree programme

The Master degree course Educational Science with the focus on extracurricular education contains a research-methodical core area with the module on research methodology in educational science in which there is a closer study of knowledge in the area of qualitative and quantitative research methods, acquired in the BA studies. The module research-orientated practical course offers a comprehensive project in the educational application-, development-, and research area as well as individual support in the subject area.

In the specialisation area, students must choose two out of the three modules:

  • General Educational Science: Heterogeneity, Interculturality and Social Inequality
  • Extracurricular Youth Education module
  • Vocational and General Continuing Education module

The specialisation area enables therefore the discipline- and activity-related prioritisation in one of the following areas: "General Educational Science / Extracurricular Youth Education", "General Educational Science / Vocational and General Continuing Education" or "Extracurricular Youth Education / Vocational and General Continuing Education".

Additionally there is a minor subject which is selected from the range of subjects offered by the JLU. Further information can be found in the Studienführer (studies guide). (See the right side in the download area) or in the current application documents.

Further information

Subject Advisor

Prof. Dr. Christine Wiezorek
Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften
Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21, building B, room 15
35390 Giessen
Phone: 0641 99-24080