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Vocational Education and Training (M.Ed.)

Taught in German


Master of Education (M.Ed.)


since 18 August 2008

General information

The Bachelor's and Master's degree courses with the title "Vocational Education and Training" are in line with the Hessian law governing teaching qualifications (Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz, HLbG), giving the successful student the same status as candidates who have passed the first state examinations. The Master's degree is given the same status as the first state examination for vocational teaching. Thus the graduates may then apply for the subsequent practical preparation stage and, on successful completion of that (second state examination), may commence teaching at vocational institutions.

Entrance requirements

The requirement for acceptance into the Master`s course is a completed  Bachelor`s degree with a relevant subject profile.

Application and admission

  • This course of study does not have a capacity limit.
  • The general application deadline of JLU Gießen is July 15 for the winter semester.
  • Information on the application procedure (in German)
  • Please note that the application period for the Master's course can be extended. This information will be published here (in German).
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. More on this...

Commencement of studies

Only possible in the winter semester

Composition of degree programme

The studies comprise:

  • Educational and Social Sciences: Sociology, Political Sciences, Psychology (topics in educational sciences will be dealt with in the subjects work education, vocational education and economic education).
  • one general educational subject (selected from among those commonly taught teaching degree subjects at vocational schools in accordance with the Hessian law on education) for teaching degree at grammar schools
  • work and economic education (not as a subject for later teaching!!!)
One of the following professional disciplines must have been studied and completed in the Bachelor`s course:
    • Agriculture
    • Nutrition and Home Economics
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Metal Engineering

If one of these subjects have already been completed during another course of study, students can request a recognition at the board of examiners. Normally students still need relevant classes in the elementary parts of the general education subject and in professional and economics education, which are supposed to be studied in the BA course. In this case the student might be obliged to study in a higher semester of the BA course.

Please see information sheet lateral entry (in German).


Subject Advisors

Head of the programme

Office hours: Please note the postings and the information on the webpages of vocational education.

Subject advisor, recognition of internships and academic achievements

Subject area: Agriculture/Nutrition/Household Science

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Schmidt (see above)

Subject area: Electrical Engineering/Metal Engineering

  • Dr. phil. Dipl.-Ing. Tatjana Hocker
    Philosophikum II, House B, Room 3a
    Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21, 35394 Gießen
    Phone: 0641 99 - 24038 
    E-Mail: Tatjana.Hocker

    Office hours: by appointment

Examinations Office/Board of Examiners

Vocational Education and Training (Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts)

Chair of Board of Examiners
Prof. Dr. Marianne Friese

Further information