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Vocational Education and Training (Teaching Degree)

Taught in German. Giessen University offers a range of Bachelor's and Master's degrees, among them the BA and MA which qualify graduates to teach at vocational schools. All language subjects are also taught in the respective language; almost all English courses are taught in English.

Not only does this combination of a Bachelor's and a Master's degree enable students to become teachers at vocational schools, they also count as a licence to teach at other institutions dedicated to vocational education and training. The MA in vocational education and training is recognised as equivalent to the first state teaching examination, thereby enabling graduates to begin work as trainee teachers (Referendariat) in schools of this type. Completion of this traineeship in turn qualifies them to take up fully qualified teaching posts.

The degree is available in two possible variations:

Vocational education and training with a focus on

  • agriculture
  • home economics
  • catering

Vocational education and training with a focus on

  • metal work
  • electrical engineering

For more details about the degree, how it is structured and what subjects can be part of it, see our pages on the BA and the MA.