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#5 Good Practice & Web Transfer

The focus of the package of measures #5 is on the one hand on securing high-quality e-learning materials that have been evaluated by students as a helpful format. On the other hand, the creation of further barrier-free, digital teaching/learning materials, such as explanatory videos, e-learning modules, podcasts and web-based trainings, is a significant component of the measure. 

In this video you will get a small insight into package of measures #5 from our kick-off event in German and English:

These e-learning materials are to be made available to all lecturers and interested parties on our platform in two languages and under an open licence, as Open Educational Resources (OER). In close cooperation with the packages of measures #1 and #4, a sustainable and profitable synergy between event offers and supporting e-learning materials is to be created, in which the media and digital competence of lecturers and student assistants is to be promoted and consolidated.