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#3 Impact Analysis

The broad qualitative and quantitative impact analyses are being realized in collaboration between the action research team of the “Zentrum für kooperatives Lehren und Lernen” (ZekoLL) at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, led by Prof. Silke Bock, and the evaluation team at Philipps-Universität Marburg, led by Prof. Malte Schwinger (“eduValuation+”). The aim is to build on existing project results, to further improve the quality of outcomes, and in this way to make a sustainable contribution to high-quality digital and international teaching offerings at universities.

 Working methods and goals within our quantitative analysis

Within the quantitative analysis, we aim to secure the project results and quality of outcomes and in this way contribute to high-quality digital and international teaching offers at universities in the long term. Based on our quantitative work results and previous experience from other evaluation projects, theoretically sound and evidence-based quality criteria and conditions for the success of digital teaching are to be derived in order to be able to implement internal and cross-university trainings in the NIDIT project. A systematic, theoretically based and longitudinal approach is central to this. In order to systematically and continuously accompany teachers in their competence development, we have created a self-assessment questionnaire during the NIDIT project so far, which is intended to help university teachers to assess their digital competences and competences for the internationalization of teaching. In addition, we use this self-assessment to capture predictors of intention to realize digital teaching such as fears about digital teaching, self-related beliefs, and attitudes toward the use of digital media. The online questionnaire and associated individual feedback reports in the form of competence levels for university teachers are available in German and English. We invite you as university teachers to participate! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to reflect on your competence experience and receive recommendations for continuing education programs based on the results by following the links below!


Self-assessment to assess and receive feedback on your digital competencies and competencies for the internationalization of teaching:

Website of the quantitative analysis team:



In this video you will get a small insight into package of measures #3 from our kick-off event in German and English: