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27/06/2023 | Workshopbericht: Erstellung eines Curriculums im Bereich Friedensstiftung und Konflikttransformation

 Bild 1: Teilnehmende aus den Philippinen, Timor-Leste und Kambodscha mit Richard Vargas (NIDIT).

Image 1: Participants from Philippine, Timor-Leste, and Cambodia with the presenter of the NIDIT Workshop 

Image 2: Participants working in small groups preparing their teaching session.

Image 3: Participants presenting their sessions to others.

Image 4: Discussion of teaching sessions on conflict transformation and peace making.

On Wednesday, June 14, Richard Vargas, member of the International Teaching Training team of the Project NIDIT, conducted a hands-on workshop for the preparation and presentation of a teaching session. Such workshop was carried out within the framework of the project “Southeast Asian University Partnership for Peace and Conflict Transformation (SAUP)” administered by the “Center for Conflict Studies” of the University of Marburg.

The main objective of the workshop was that twelve international academic stakeholders such as teachers, researchers, and administrators of universities from Philippine, Timor-Leste, and Cambodia would conduct an activity in which they could plan and present an international lesson on issues dealing with conflict transformation and peace making.

The methodology used for this workshop was a "Project-based teaching" and "Cooperative oriented pedagogy" combination. The workshop was held on the University of Marburg and interfaced a crash course on teaching methodology and a model of an international seminar on conflict resolution. The attendees worked in small groups to propose the topic, consider teaching objectives, main activities, and the key phases of the session. The results were presented in different posters where not only the eventual sessions but also some methodological considerations were discussed. 

In an interactive, engaging, and collaborative format, participants reinforced their knowledge brought from their own countries and from a previous course on didactics with information provided by the presenter. The International Teaching Training team of NIDIT project continues promoting and developing international teaching.