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Artistic Aptitude Test for the Master "Choreography and Performance"

Contact for questions: 

Online registration for the artistic aptitude test for the Master "Choreography and Performance" (CuP) is closedThe next application procedure is expected to open on December 15th, 2021.

The dates given below are first of all guidelines and are not guaranteed. Current dates and deadlines are to be found here hier

Registration for the artistic aptitude test

The required aesthetic judgment and artistic aptitude for the MA Choreography and Performance are determined within the framework of an artistic aptitude test, therefore interested students must first apply for the aptitude test at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies. Only after passing the artistic aptitude test, it is possible to apply for a place at the university via the application portal within the enrollment deadlines (usually by July 15). Please inform yourself individually at the beginning of June about the enrollment deadlines for the semester in question, as these may differ from the above-mentioned deadline (e.g. due to the pandemic, etc.).


If you would like to take part in the artistic aptitude test, please register in time using the registration form.

Thereafter, you will receive an invitation to participate in the artistic aptitude test. Only then, please submit the following documents:

  • a  curriculum vitae
  • a letter of motivation
  • a portfolio with two to three artistic works that you have created, e.g. videos or documentations of  choreographic works, audio works, installations, performances, spatial designs, but also scenic drafts. If possible, do not only submit written concepts!

    If you want to submit videos or audios, please upload them to Vimeo, YouTube, or SoundCloud and do not forget to include the respective links in your application.
  • bachelor thesis or equivalent academic work
  • a declaration with the following wording: “I hereby declare that I have carried out the  work presented in this portfolio myself.”
  • if applicable, a justified recommendation, e.g. a professor’s assessment


Artistic aptitude test

The above-mentioned application documents must be submitted by March 31st, 2021 (date of postmark or the day your e-mail was received). These can be sent either digitally (merged in one PDF-file) or by post to the following addresses:

Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft

Gutenbergstr. 6

35390 Gießen


If you send your application by post, please submit any links to your artistic work to the email address above.

The acknowledgement of receipt including the applicant’s ID‑number, will be sent by email by mid-April. By the end of April 2021, the results of the portfolio evaluation will be put online as anonymized data by means of the applicant’s ID‑numbers mentioned above. Only selected applicants will be invited to an oral exam!

    The oral exam lasts approx. 30 minutes and serves to obtain additional information about the artistic aptitude of the applicant in practical and subject-specific terms. In the upcoming year, the oral exams are scheduled on June 10th and 11th, 2021.


    Admission requirements for the MA Choreography and Performance

    Only those, who can prove special knowledge and skills which enable the applicant to successfully complete the course regarding aesthetics and artistic practice will be accepted (for detailed information about the admission test, see above). The small number of students (approx. 7 per year) enables the professors to support and mentor each student individually.

    Admission requirements for the MA Choreography and Performance are:

    • Bachelor (or equivalent degree) in a course similar to theater studies with a focus on dance and/or performance (minimum grade: good or better) AND a passed admission test
    • or: Bachelor in Applied Theater Studies at the JLU Gießen (minimum grade: good or better) AND a passed admission test

    Further admission requirement is the good knowledge of English, knowledge of German is not required (further details are to be found in the special regulations).

    Foreign applicants who have obtained their Bachelor's degree abroad must register through the uni-assist platform after they have been accepted. You will receive further information should you successfully pass the entrance examination.

    Those who have already passed the artistic aptitude test before and have postponed their studies (max. two years earlier), please report back by post latest by the portfolio deadline: Fill out the registration form and answer under “already applied” with “already accepted”, stating the date of your successfully passed artistic aptitude test.

    If you have any further questions about the admission procedure, please contact Rose-Anabel Beermann: