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Group for lecture notes/scripts

This group is responsible for current lecture notes as well as archived examinations and scripts. In addition a copier is available. The group for lecture notes and scripts and the learning centre are part of the "Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Veterinärmedizn (VFFV)" at the JLU Giessen.


Every day from Monday until Friday (during semester break only on Wednesday) between 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m.  there are two really hungry members of the student body sitting in the saleroom, ready to be asked a lot of questions. Unfortunately these two are not always all knowing, especially when they themselves are studying in the second semester and are asked questions about lectures given in the eighth semester by a professor they don't even know. Quite simple, isn't it?



Nevertheless once more how our system works:

  • There are lecture notes/scripts:

These scripts are ordered at a local copyshop and are sold in our saleroom. The order depends on what is demanded so that it is quite important to inform us ON TIME which script is needed when and for which semester.


On top of this there are some "established" scripts you can get at Stud.IP -->Veranstaltung Skriptengruppe.


  • There is the computer of the student body:

This computer contains all documents collected by students or provided by professors. You just need a memory stick to obtain this material but PLEASE make sure that it is EMPTY and doesn't have VIRUSES!


  • There are CDs:

containing lecture notes or information on examinations etc. You are allowed to use them for usually one week after paying a rental fee of 10€.


  • There is the copier:

it provides an automatic document feeder and you can print every script or document directly from the computer of the student body.


aid Brochures

There are aid brochures