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Work of the student body

The student body itself...

...consists of students of all semesters and therefore is THE contact person for all issues concerning the course of study in Veterinary Medicine.


Our duties are (e.g.):


  • being a contact person for all kind of problems students are concerned about
  • higher education policy: Representative for the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in committees of the Students' self-administration
    • Faculty Council (Fachbereichsrat FBR)
    • Committees for appointing someone to a professorship
    • Conference of student bodies (Fachschaftenkonferenz FSK)
  • Conference of the student bodies of Veterinary Medicine of German speaking countries (Deutschsprachige Fachschaftskonferenz Veterinärmedizin DFKV)
  • group of members responsible for scripts and lecture documents: so called "Skriptengruppe"
  • learning center (Lernzentrum)
  • organizing several parties (Vetmed-Fasching, Schiffenbergfest)
  • and of course: Having a LOT of fun!!!

So got curious? Or maybe you would like to be a part of the student body or you have a serious problem please feel free to visit us: the student body meets every Wednesday at 8:00 pm at the "Fachschaftstürmchen" during term time!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!