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Faculty Council (FBR)

Faculty Council

FBR is the abbreviation for Fachbereichsrat (Faculty Council) - the committee which decides on everything important concerning the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This means for example: Issuing examination regulations and study guidelines, decisions on research projects, decision on the recommendation of Committees for appointing candidates to professorships, suggestions on establishing and closing working groups...


The Faculty Council consists of seven members out of the group of professors, three students, two so called "wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter" and one so called "administrativ-technisches Mitglied". The Dean is head of the Faculty Council.


This is a diagram about the organs of higher education policy:



FB10 = Fachbereich Veterinärmedizin (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)

AStA = Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (General Student Committee)

StuPa = Studierendenparlament (Student parliament)

FSK = Fachschaftenkonferenz (Conferens of student bodies)

FBR = Fachbereichsrat (Faculty Council)

FSR = Fachschaftsrat (Student Representative Council)