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Peer-reviewed, original research papers

Peer-reviewed, original research papers published since 2006, the start of academic publishing:
12 a year. Based on the Scimago Journal Ranking in the field of Analytical Chemistry, most of our papers are published in Q1 journals.

Most papers were performed by funding and with 1-2 coauthors.
42% of the papers with 1 coauthor
88% of the papers as first (20%) or senior author (68%)
23% of the papers co-authored by regular staff

in italics: corresponding author
*: invited contribution
bold: JLU staff position


201. Kruse, S., Becker, S., Pierre, F., Morlock, G.E.: Strain-specific quantification of probiotic Bacillus subtilis DSM 29784 in feed by imaging high-performance thin-layer chromatography, in submission

200. *Morlock, G.E.: Planar chromatographic super-hyphenations for rapid dereplication, Phytochem. Review, in submission. Dedicated to the 70th birthday of Professor Dr. Danica Agbaba, Serbia

199. Mügge, F.L.B., Morlock, G.E.: Planar on-surface adherent cell assay for cytotoxicity detection and herbal product authenticity screening, in submission

198. Kruse, S., Becker, S., Pierre, F., Morlock, G.E.: Metabolic profiling of bacterial co-cultures linked to predominant species identification, in submission

197. M. Bunse, R. Daniels, C. Gründemann, J. Heilmann, D. R. Kammerer, M. Keusgen, U. Lindequist, M. F. Melzig, G. Morlock, H. Schulz, R. Schweiggert, M. Simon, F. C. Stintzing, and M. Wink: Essential oils as example for multicomponent mixtures – their potential for human health and well-being, Frontiers in Pharmacology, in print

196. Morlock, G.E., Mehl, A., Cardak, A.D., Morlock, J.A.: Potential of planar bioassay screening of veterinary drug residues: fluoroquinolone antibiotics in milk, in submission

195. Working Group Nutrition Issues of the Food Chemistry Society in the German Chemical Society: Basic Paper of the Food Chemical Society on Plant Extracts in Foods, in submission; translation of AG Fragen der Ernährung in der Lebensmittelchemischen Gesellschaft: Grundlagenpapier
Pflanzenextrakte in Lebensmitteln, Lebensmittelchemie 1 (2022) S1-27 (Supplementband)

194. Krstić, Đ., Ristivojević, P., Andric, F., Milojković-Opsenica, D., Morlock, G.E.: Quality assessment of apple and grape juices from Serbian and German markets by planar chromatography─chemometrics, Molecules 27 (2022) 3933

193. Meyer, D., Marin-Kuan, M., Mayrhofer, E., Kirchnawy, C., Debon, E., Latado, H., Patin, A., Schilter, B., Morlock, G.E.: Anchoring the effect-detection by planar genotoxicity bioassay and chemical identification of genotoxins in packaging migrates, in submission

192. Morlock, G.E., Belay, A., Heil, J., Mehl, A., Borck, H.: Effect-directed profiling of monofloral honeys from Ethiopia by high-performance thin-layer chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry, Molecules 27 (2022) 3541. Dedicated to the 80th birthday of Prof. Dr. Giovanni Dugo, University of Messina, Italy

191.* Ronzheimer, A., Schreiner, T., Morlock, G.E.: Multiplex planar bioassay detecting phytoestrogens and verified antiestrogens as sharp zones on normal phase, Phytomedicine 103 (2022) 154230. Free download. Dedicated to the 75th birthdays of Elke-Hahn Deinstrop and Dr. Heinz Hauck, Germany.

190.* Morlock, G.E., Sabir, G.: Reagent sequence for planar chromatographic analysis of eight sweetener in food products approved by the European Union, J Planar Chromatogr, DOI: 10.1007/s00764-022-00178-0. Dedicated to the late Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kaiser, Bad Dürkheim, Germany

189. Krstić, Đ., Ristivojević, P.M., Gašić, U.M., Fotirić Akšić, M.M., Morlock, G.E., Milojković-Opsenica, D.M., Trifković, J.D.: Authenticity assessment of cultivated berries by phenolic profiles of seeds, in revision

188. Reguigui#, A., Heil, J., Gorai, M., Mabrouk, M., Romdhane, M., Morlock#, G.E.: Profile comparison and valorization of Tunisian Salvia aegyptiaca and S. verbenaca aerial part extracts via hyphenated high-performance thin-layer chromatography, J Chromatogr A 1673 (2015) 463057, #contributed equally, free download

187. Kruse, S., Schenk, M., Pierre, F., Morlock, G.E.: Bacillus subtilis spores in probiotic feed quantified via bacterial metabolite using planar chromatography, Anal. Chim. Acta, in print

186.*Móricz, Á.M., Ott, P.G.; Krüzselyi, D., Baglyas, M., Morlock, G.E.: High-performance thin-layer chromatography-direct bioautography combined with chemometrics for the distinction of goldenrod species, J. Planar Chromatogr., in print. Dedicated to the late Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kaiser, Bad Dürkheim, Germany

185. Bauer, M.; Morlock, G.E.: Nutrition behavior of adult students and teachers at German vocational training centres linked with school kiosk offering, in submission

184. Mehl, A.; Hudel, L.; Bücker, M.; Morlock, G.E.: Validated screening method for 81 multi-class veterinary drug residues in four different food matrices via online-coupling high-throughput planar solid-phase extraction to high-performance liquid chromatography–orbitrap tandem mass spectrometry, J. Agric. Food Chem., in submission. Dedicated to the 70th birthday of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schwack, University of Hohenheim, Germany.

183. Debon, E., Rogeboz, P., Latado, H., Morlock, G.E., Meyer, D., Cottet Fontannaz, C., Scholz, G., Schilter, B., Marin-Kuan, M.: Incorporation of metabolic activation in the HPTLC-SOS-Umu-C assay to detect low amounts of genotoxic chemicals, in submission

182. Chepngeno, J., Imathiu, S., Owino, W.O., Morlock, G.E.: Baobab pulp authenticity and quality control by multi-imaging high-performance thin-layer chromatography, Food Chemistry 390 (2022) 133108, free download

181. Schreiner, T., Ronzheimer, A., Friz, M., Morlock, G.E.: Multiplex planar bioassay with reduced diffusion and improved sensitivity on normal phase: androgens and verified antiandrogens in botanicals, Food Chem., in print. Dedicated to the 70th birthday of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schwack, University of Hohenheim, Germany.

180. Stiefel, C., Lindemann, B., Morlock, G.E.: Non-target bioactive compound profiles of coffee roasts and preparations, Food Chem. 391 (2022) 13326, free download

179. von Buelow, V., Gindner, S., Baier, A., Hehr, L., Buss, N., Russ, L., Wrobel, S., Wirth, V., Tabatabai, K., Quack, T., Haeberlein, S., Kadesch, P., Gerbig, S., Wiedemann, K.R., Spengler, B., Mehl, A., Morlock, G., Schramm, G., Pons-Kühnemann, J., Falcone, F., Grevelding, C.G., Roeb, E., Roderfeld, M.: Metabolic reprogramming of hepatocytes by Schistosoma mansoni eggs, in submission

178. Sing, L., Schwack, W., Göttsche, R., Morlock, G.E.: 2LabsToGo − Recipe for building your own chromatography equipment including biological effect-detection, in submission

177. Morlock, G.E., Ziltener, A., Geyer, S., Mehl, A., Schreiner, T., Kamel, T., Tersteegen, J., Brümmer, F.: Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins self-medicate with invertebrates in coral reefs, iScience (2022) 104271, free download

176. Ristivojević, P., Andrić, F., Vasić, V., Milojković Opsenica, D., Morlock, G.E.: Fast detection of apricot product frauds by added pumpkin via planar chromatography and chemometrics: greenness assessment by analytical Eco-Scale, Food Chem. 374 (2022) 131714, free download


A year with only digital invited presentations gives new freedom.

175. Morlock, G.E., Wutthinithisanand, N., Rauhut D.: Thai mango and pineapple puree and juice analyzed by high-performance thin-layer chromatography hyphenated with effect-directed assays, Molecules 26 (2021) 7683, 13 pages free download

174. Kruse, S., Pierre, F., Morlock, G.E.: Effects of the probiotic activity of Bacillus subtilis DSM 29784 in cultures and feeding stuff, J. Agric. Food Chem. 69 (2021) 11272−11281

173.* Azadniya, E., Thomä, I., Baake, J., Morlock G.E.: High-throughput enzyme inhibition screening of 44 Iranian medicinal extracts via piezoelectric spraying of planar cholinesterase assays, J. Chromatogr. B, 1184 (2021) 122956

172. Krüzselyi, D., Bakonyi, J., Ott, P.G., Darcsi, A., Csontos, P., Morlock, G.E., Móricz, A.M.: Goldenrod root compounds active against crop pathogenic fungi, J. Agric. Food Chem. 69 (2021) 12686–12694.

171. Schreiner, T., Sauter, D., Friz, M., Heil J., Morlock, G.E.: Is our Natural Food our Homeostasis? Array of A Thousand Effect-Directed Profiles of 68 Herbs and Spices, Frontiers in Pharmacology 12 (2021) 755941, free download. Dedicated to the 75th birthday of Prof. Dr. Teresa Kowalska, University of Silesia, Poland.

170. Morlock, G.E., Busso, M., Tomeba, S., Sighicelli, A.: Effect-directed analysis of 32 vanilla products, characterization of multi-potent compounds and quantification of vanillin and ethyl vanillin, J. Chromatogr. A 1652 (2021) 462377, free download. Dedicated to the 70th birthdays of Prof. Dr. Colin Poole, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA.

169. Klingelhöfer, I., Pham Ngoc, L., Burg, B.v.d., Morlock, G.E.: A bioimaging system combining human cultured reporter cells and planar chromatography to identify novel bioactive molecules, Anal. Chim. Acta 1183 (2021) 338956. Dedicated to Joseph Sherma, John D. and Francis H. Larkin Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, USA

168.* Schade, F., Schwack, W., Demirbas, Y., Morlock, G.E.: Open-source all-in-one LabToGo Office Chromatography, Anal. Chim. Acta 1174 (2021) 338702. Dedicated to the 90th birthday of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Ernst Kaiser, Institute of Chromatography, Bad Dürkheim, Germany.

167. Mehl, A., Schwack, W., Morlock, G.E.: On-surface autosampling for liquid chromatography−mass spectrometryJ. Chromatogr. A 1651 (2021) 462334

166.* Morlock, G.E.: High-performance thin-layer chromatography combined with effect-directed assays and high-resolution mass spectrometry as an emerging hyphenated technology: A tutorial review, Anal. Chim. Acta 1180 (2021) 338644, free download. Dedicated to the 75th birthday of Professor Dr. Rob Verpoorte, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

165. Inarejos-García, A.M., Helbig, I., Klette, P., Weber, S., Maeder, J., Morlock, G.E.: Authentication of commercial powdered Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) extracts by gas chromatography,  ACS Food Sci. Technol. 1 (2021) 596-604, free download

164. Yüce, I., Morlock, G.E.: Nanomole-scaled high-throughput chemistry plus direct bioautography on the same chromatography plate for drug discovery, Anal. Chim. Acta 1182 (2021), 338950. Dedicated to the 90th birthday of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Ernst Kaiser, Institute of Chromatography, Bad Dürkheim, Germany.

163.* Morlock, G.E., Heil, J., Inarejos-García, A.M., Maeder, J.: Effect-directed profiling of powdered tea extracts for catechins, theaflavins, flavonols and caffeine, Antioxidants 10 (2021) 117, 16 pages free download. Dedicated to Joseph Sherma, John D. and Francis H. Larkin Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, USA.

162. Mehl, A., Schmidt, L., Schmidt, L., Morlock, G.E.: High-throughput planar solid-phase extraction coupled to orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometry via the autoTLC-MS interface for screening of 66 multi-class antibiotic residues in food of animal origin, Food Chem. 351 (2021) 129211, 10 pages

161. Kruse, S., Pierre, F., Morlock, G.E.: Imaging high-performance thin-layer chromatography as powerful tool to visualize metabolite profiles of eight Bacillus candidates upon cultivation and growth behavior, J. Chromatogr. A 1640 (2021) 461929 free download

160. Morlock, G.E., Drotleff, L., Brinkmann, S.: Miniaturized all-in-one nanoGIT+active system for on-surface metabolization, separation and effect imaging, Anal. Chim. Acta  1154 (2021) 338307, 10 pages free download. Dedicated to the 75th birthday of Professor Dr. Rob Verpoorte, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

159. Chandana, N.G.A.S.S., Morlock, G.E.: Comprehensive bioanalytical multi-imaging by planar chromatography in situ combined with biological and biochemical assays highlights bioactive fatty acids in abelmosk, Talanta 223 (2021) 121701, 11 pages

158. Móricz, A.M., Krüzselyi, D., Ott, P.G., Garádi, Z., Béni, S., Morlock, G.E., Bakonyi, J., Bioactive clerodane diterpenes of giant goldenrod (Solidago gigantea Ait.) root extract, J. Chromatogr. A  1635 (2021) 461727, 10 pages

157. Schreiner, T., Morlock, G.E.: Non-target bioanalytical eight-dimensional hyphenation including bioassay, heart-cut trapping, online desalting, orthogonal separations and mass spectrometryJ. Chromatogr. A 1647 (2021) 462154, 9 pages

156. Chandana, N.G.A.S.S., Morlock, G.E.: Eight different bioactivity profiles of 40 cinnamons to discover multipotent compounds by multi-imaging planar chromatography hyphenated with effect-directed analysis and high-resolution mass spectrometry, Food Chem. 357 (2021) 129135, 11 pages

155. Gawande, V., Morlock, G.: Effect-directed profiling of Ficus religiosa leaf extracts for multipotent compounds via 12 effect-directed assays, J. Chromatogr. A 1637 (2021) 461836, 8 pages

154. Wutthinithisanand, N., Prats, M.F., Beisert, B., Brezina, S., Semmler, H., Rodsup, J., Kumar, K., Patz, C.-D., Morlock, G., Rauhut D.: Impact of glutathione on pineapple wine aroma, in submission

153. Ayoola-Oresanya, I.O., Gueye, B., Sonibare, M.A., Abberton, M.T., Morlock, G.E.: Elicitation of antioxidant metabolites in Musa species in vitro shoot culture using sugar, temperature and jasmonic acid, Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 146 (2021) 225–236

152. Morlock, G.E., Heil, J., Bardot, V., Lenoir, L., Cotte, C., Dubourdeaux, M., Effect-directed profiling of 17 different fortified plant extracts by high-performance thin-layer chromatography combined with six planar assays and high-resolution mass spectrometry, Molecules 26 (2021) 1468 free download. (Special issue dedicated to Rob Verpoorte)

151. Meyer, D., Marin-Kuan, M., Debon, E., Serrant, P., Cottet-Fontannaz, C., Schilter, B., Morlock, G.E.: Detection of low levels of genotoxic compounds in food contact materials using an alternative HPTLC-SOS-Umu-C Assay, ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation 38 (2021) 387-397 free download


150. Corni, G., Brighenti, V., Pellati, F., Morlock, G.E.: Effect-directed analysis of biologically active compounds in Cannabis sativa L. (hemp) by high-performance thin-layer chromatography, J. Chromatogr. A 1629 (2020) 461511, 11 pages

149. Móricz, A.M., Lapat, V., Morlock, G.E., Ott, P.G.: High-performance thin-layer chromatography hyphenated to high-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection-mass spectrometry for characterization of coeluting isomers, Talanta 219 (2020) 121306, 6 pages

148. Azadniya, E., Goldoni, L., Bandiera, T., Morlock, G. E.: Same analytical method for both (bio)assay and zone isolation to identify/quantify bioactive compounds by quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, J. Chromatogr. A 1628 (2020) 461434, 12 pages

147. Kirchert, S., Morlock, G. E.: Orthogonal hyphenation of planar and liquid chromatography for mass spectrometry directly out of the bioassay matrix (NP-HPTLC-UV/Vis/FLD-Bioassay-RP/IEX-HPLC-UV/Vis-ESI-MS), Anal. Chem. 92 (2020) 9057–9064

146.*Morlock, G. E., Heil, J.: HI-HPTLC-UV/Vis/FLD-HESI-HRMS and bioprofiling of steviol glycosides, steviol and isosteviol in Stevia leaves and food, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 412 (2020) 6431-6448

145. Bañuelos-Hernández, A. E., Azadniya, E., Ramírez-Moreno, M. E., Morlock, G. E.: Bioprofiling of Mexican Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) essential oil via planar chromatography–effect-directed analysis combined with direct analysis in real time high-resolution mass spectrometry, J. Liq. Relat. Techn. 43 (2020) 344-350 free download

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138. Ayoola, I., Gueye, B., Balogun, F.O., Adebayo, S., Ashafa, O., Morlock, G.: Isolation of flavonoids from Musa acuminata Colla (Simili radjah, ABB) and the in vitro inhibitory effects of its leaf and fruit fractions on free radicals, acetylcholinesterase, 15-lipoxygenase, and carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes, J. Food Biochem. 44 (2020) e13137, 14 pages

137. Schott, M., Sandmann, M., Cresswell, J., Becher, M., Eichner, G., Brandt, D.T., Halitschke, R., Krueger, S., Morlock, G., Düring, R.A., Vilcinskas, A., Meixner, M.D., Büchler, R., Brandt A.: Honeybee colonies compensate for pesticide-induced effects on royal jelly composition and brood survival with increased brood production, Nature Scientific Reports 11 (2021) 62 free download

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Forth PhD started at JLU Gießen (universitary positions now full)


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Third PhD started at JLU Gießen


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Appointment as W3 professor and two first PhDs started at JLU Gießen

For the third time in my life, I had to built up a full HPTLC laboratory, as again nothing was there. So far, I never had the situation to join and start. Always, first I had to built up and establish everything.


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Substitute W3 professorship at JLU Gießen

The professor at the time resigned earlier. One round of applications had already fallen through and the second call was in progress. The Privatdozent in the group fighted with the faculty and was not cooperative at all, as he expected still to get the professorship. Having a full position, he took his holidays when the courses started, so the professor lectures and the Privatdozent lectures (not even one slide obtained from him) had to be held by me. Before I started, he transfered one PhD student to the Food Chemistry department in Hamburg and the second was his girl-friend. The lab technician refused to have contact with solvents and solved a task in the way so that you have even more problems thereafter (not even a simple buffer preparation was possible). The result was: No expertise but a spion left for my start. So the first practical courses were almost impossible to be held, but we did. The loyality of the secretary was one light in the darkness, which touched me. The faculty was in a very bad monetary position when I started and there was hardly any support possible. My husband commented on my desire to take on the substitute professorship with no support, while my children were fully supportive. This experience gave my vita another feministic nuance. Would you have succeeded under these circumstances (110-h weeks from 2004 to 2018)?


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Außerplanmäßger Professor at University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart


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Habilitation and Privatdozent at University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart

(own position and 3 toddlers, no family support)


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Start as post-doc

After several moves due to my husband´s career, arriving this time in Stuttgart. After some trials, I got the chance to work as post-doc first on a 0.5 (no one believed in a mother with 3 toddlers, I was told later), then after 6 months, on a 1.0 post-doc position at the University of Hohenheim. There was only TLC in the food chemistry education and no HPTLC instrumentation. I successfully obtained funding for one complete HPTLC system to start with the research I was expert in. When I myself installed the ten devices over a week in the before emptied lab, two other post-docs passing the door stopped several times and stunned ("never seen so much equipment for doing just TLC"). For education, I convinced the open-minded director to buy used systems of the previous generation to enable at least automation, which I found is a prerequisite not to discriminate this technique. Step by step, another instrument was bought from the very rare universitary budget over the years. Finally when I left after 7 years, there have been two full HPTLC systems of the newest generation... and the feeling that there was laid a seed that now grows without me.

Scientific Consultant

Births of 3 children and working from home for 5 years, on scientific issues or as back office for my successor who got everything handed on a silver platter. It is still the same circumstance: the decision to become a mother destroys your career. Home-office was not accepted as part of a career at that time. I became a male-supporting female worker bee. First this period and experience gave my vita a feministic nuance, as it was no longer fair at all.

Head of Laboratory

Working as the Head of the Laboratory for 3 years in Switzerland. I had to start from the scratch, as there was no task transfer from my precessor (he made the DOS command Format C: on the computer). He was, after contract cancellation, immediately ill and then on vaccation. Arriving there, one of my two laboratory technicians refused to give me a hand shake, and I was wondering why. She was the life partner of my precessor and had quitted. However, we still had 2 months of working together. At the end, she came to my office and said that she strongly regrets that she quitted. The lab had had no head for 4 months and I had to start from the scratch and to manage a large overhanging workload (100-h weeks). I newly designed teaching courses writing a thousand slides, solved over 60 industrial confidential analytical problems and performed hundreds of instrument tests. The laboratory quality management system was also established. Result was a testimonial with the highest rating and a very very great offer not to quit (but I was pregnant and had to leave the country, as my husband did not get a job in CH). Working until the 9th month of pregnancy and then remote, the lab was in the best condition and well-structured when my successor started. He got all concepts, slides, and more....  What a difference in the start!

PhD at Saarland University, Saarbrücken

A cummulative PhD thesis was not possible and no issue at that time. My doctor father, who was the pope in HPTLC at that time, Professor Dr. H. Jork suddenly died in 1994, and thankfully, I could finish writing my thesis with Professor Dr. H. Engelhardt, his strongest competitor, in 1995. Already working, I had the defence of my PhD work (and my wedding with over 100 guests a week later).

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