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08.07.2021 - Power Imbalances Challenge the Objectivity of Sustainability Research: Contribution to German Sustainability Science Summit

Wann 08.07.2021
Wo Online
Kontakttelefon +49 641 99 37042
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Research methods often reproduce value systems of the scientists. They may thus perpetuate power imbalances that prevent productive knowledge generation. A session organised by ZEU members at the German Sustainability Science Summit 2021 thus called for a more reflected and multidisciplinary academic education in methods.

“Science and researchers aren’t neutral, and science is not superior to other ways of knowledge”, said ZEU member Dr Stéphanie Domptail. “We should thus revise our methods through the eyes and context of the people we study”.

The speakers analysed the complex interaction between scientists and local stakeholders in participatory research and governance processes, both nationally and globally. They called for more transparency in such processes and possibly more humility on the side of researchers to accept the power imbalances. Giving participants in such processes “a fair say” and access to resources may effectively induce them to change their behaviour. Promoting such awareness among young researchers should be a goal of university education.


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