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International Day

How can I register for the course?

Applications open in November and end on January 15 or when the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Register now!

Do I have to attend the entire course?

Attendance is not mandatory. However, if you do not attend at least 80% of the language courses, you will not be able to receive the certificate at the end of the course and you will get no credits. A scholarship might have to be reimbursed.
Weekend trips and city tours are not compulsory.

What happens if I cannot or do not want to participate?

We ask for your understanding that we already have work with your application after your registration. Therefore, please note that in the event of a cancellation - for whatever reason - processing fees will be charged:

  • Cancellations before January 15: € 100
  • Cancellations after January 15: € 200

Service fees also apply to scholarship holders.

Do I have to arrive on the official day of arrival?

Arriving on our official day of arrival offers you some advantages: On this day you will meet our student mentors at the train station,you will be provided with information and taken to your dormitory if you have booked a room.

However, if you would like to arrive earlier, you will need to contact the  in order to get the keys for your dormitory room because you can only move into your room from the official day of arrival.

Since the placement test for the German courses will take place on the first day of the course, we strongly recommend not to arrive earlier. Please also note that you must be present at least 80% of the lessons to receive 3 ECTS points for the International Spring Course.

How and where do I get my room key?

You will get your room keys as well as further important information such as the working programme, bus tickets, and details for our field trips on the official day of arrival at the train station from our student mentors. It is therefore of utmost importance that those students who are already in Giessen on the official day of arrival also come to the train station in order to get their information package.

  • If you arrive earlier, please discuss the further procedure with the .
  • If you have to arrive late, please contact us beforehand!

Can I move into my room earlier?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move earlier into the rooms. Therefore, we strongly recommend to arrive on the official day of arrival. However, if you would like to arrive earlier, you must book a hotel room or a room in a youth hostel for the period up to the start of the course.

Can I stay longer in my room?

If you would like to stay longer in your room, please inform the Studentenwerk.

Are weekend trips included in the course fee?

No. Weekend trips and city tours are not compulsory. The trips can be booked during the course. Each trip costs up to 15 €.

Do I have free Internet access during the course?

You will get your login details for your internet access via Justus Liebig University Giessen on the day after your arrival. During the International Spring Course you will have free internet access in all buildings of Justus Liebig University Giessen and in your hall of residence. Computer rooms are located in different parts of the university, e.g. on the campus of the faculties of law and economics, the university library, the computing centre, etc.

WLAN is also widely available, you can therefore also use your login data for your mobile devices. Use a LAN/ethernet cable for access to the internet in your hall of residence.

Is my room furnished?

You will have a single room equipped with bed, table, chair, closet, cupboards, and sink. Showers, toilets, and kitchen are shared with other students. Bed linen is provided, you should bring your own towels and dishes. Washing machines and public telephones are available in the halls of residence.

Do I need insurance before the course begins?

Health-, liability- and accident insurance are not included in the course fees.
If you are from an EU country, please bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), as this is valid for the duration of the International Spring Course and for your study stay in Germany.

If you come from a non-EU country and would like to study in Giessen, you need a German statutory health insurance company. This can be done in Giessen before the enrolment. The fee is about 100 €/month.
Please note: If you take out local health insurance, the insurance cover will only take effect on April 1st!
We therefore strongly recommend all applicants from non-EU countries to register before leaving their home country for an international health insurance for the duration of the course. This should also guarantee insurance cover on the days of arrival and departure.

Do I need a visa for the course?

Whether you need a short-term study/tourist visa to enter the so-called Schengen Area of the European Union depends on your personal circumstances. Please see the web pages of the German Foreign Ministry.
Please note: most visa applications will take between six weeks and three months; for the visa process, you will probably need prove of sufficient health insurance plus a true copy (no email/fax) of an invitation letter from the University of Giessen. Please plan the start of your visa application process accordingly.