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Clinical Sport Physiology and Sport Therapy (MSc)

Taught in German


Sports Science at JLU


The Master’s course” Clinical Sport Physiology and Sport Therapy” is a consecutive study programme, which is based on relevant Sports Science oriented Bachelor's degrees. Further information about the admission can be found under "Application.

The main features of the Master`s course of study Clinical Sport Physiology and Sport Therapy are that it

  • imparts sport-physiological connections between movement, performance and the human organism,
  • combines evidence-based central sport-therapeutic and rehabilitating points using discoveries which come from top-level sport and the planning of training and the development of performance,
  • brings related subjects and skills such as nutritional science and health psychology into the curriculum,
  • integrates sports- and movement medical practical  sections into theoretical training and planning of therapy into the curriculum both formally and in the content.

The course of study builds on knowledge acquired in the B.Sc. course of study Physical Activity and Health, conducted by Justus Liebig University, it is expanded and prepares to realise working areas of individual concepts, to monitor them and to academically evaluate movement and training programmes in health sports and competitive sports. Additionally, in keeping with current sports-/training scientific methods and technology, scientific and methodological skills in sports medicine and nutritional science are presented.

In order to enable students to take on an employment with responsibility, knowledge of running a business with the focus on foundation of an enterprise is integrated. The integration of human medicine and nutritional science should allow further networking and interaction in the field of life sciences at JLU. At the qualification level for sports scientists, this also applies to doctoral opportunities in the natural sciences. There is a close regional network with the rehabilitation location Bad Nauheim.

Duration of studies 4 Semester 120 Credit Points (CP)

Duration of Studies

4 Semesters - 120 Credit Points (CP)

Composition of the Study Programme

Duration of studies 4 Semester 120 Credit Points (CP)

Duration of Studies

4 Semesters - 120 Credit Points (CP)

Composition: 1

Composition of degree Programme

The individual modules belong to the following five areas:

  • competitive sports
  • nutrition
  • health sports
  • practice
  • methodology
  • special skills
Composition: 2



Exercise Medicine (3 cp)

Special Biochemistry (6 cp)

Orthopaedic Sports Therapy (6 CP)

Biometrics and Informatics (6 cp)

Musculoskeletal System and Exercise (6 cp)

Training and Athletics (6 cp)

Molecular Basis of Degenerative Diseases (6 cp)

Internal Rehabilitation (6 cp)

Special Sports and Nutritional Therapy (6 cp)

Methods in Sport-medical Research (6 cp)

Molecular and Cellular Sports Physiology (6 cp)

Health Behaviour (9 cp)

Sports Therapy Practical Training (9 cp)

Entrepreneurship (3 cp)

Planning, Performance and Evluation of Scientific Investigations (3 cp)

Thesis (27 cp)


Further Information

A description of the core- and specialisation modules can be found in the special regulations with module descriptions and module plans (in German)

More on this... ("Spezielle Ordnung")


Courses offered in the course catalogue


Comencement of Studies

Commencement of Studies

only winter semester
Application: Entrance requirements

Entrance requirements

  • The entry prerequisite for a Master’s degree course is a Bachelor’s degree with a relevant subject profile, e.g. the JLU Bachelor's course of study "Bewegung und Gesundheit" (Physical Activity and Health).
  • During the application and admission procedure the board of examiners can recognise further degree courses as equivalent after individual examination, if the degree course imparts competencies in the following areas:
    • Sports MEdicine
    • Biochemistry
    • Movement Science
    • Sports Scientific Diagnostics
    • Exercise Science
    • Fundamentals of Sports Therapy and
    • Fundamentals of Nutritional Physiology
  • The equivalence can be decided with or without requirements.
  • If there are requirements to be fulfilled, students can maximally catch up on modules with a total sum of up to 18 cp. These must be performed in the area of the Bachelor's course Physical Activity and Health at JLU Gießen. The board of examiners decides until when these requirements have to be fulfilled.
Application limited internally only winter semester

Application for admission and registration

  • The intake capacity for the subject areas of electrical engineering and metal engineering of this degree programme is limited internally by the university. Admission is decided by the university following the guidelines of the Hessian admissions policy. More on this...
  • The intake capacity for the subject areas of agricultural economics, nutrition and home economics is not limited.
  • Applications must be received by the JLU Student Secretariat by 15th July. More on this...
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. Read more...

Career Options

Career options

Career options

The course meets the needs of the future health market and its growing need for highly qualified specialists in the area of interdisciplinary, evidence-based management. This is important for the area of non-pharmacologic / non-invasive prevention and therapy for various cardiovascular, pulmonary, musculoskeletal and metabolic diseases and also the complex needs of comprehensive, multidimensional supervision of competitive sports.
With an innovative-interdisciplinary training profile the graduates of this Master`s degree course have qualified themselves to be able to work on directing and coordinating tasks in the following professional areas:

  • Medical care, (rehabilitation facility, medical practices, medical supervision centres, health and fitness centres)
  • Industry (product and concept development, business/institution health management)
  • University (Research and Teaching)
  • Medical insurance (scientific advising, concept development and evaluation)
  • Competitive Sports (Olympics centres, associations, clubs)


Doctoral Studies at JLU

Doctorate possible with a Master's degree


Graduate Centres

International Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences


International: incomings

Information about studying at Justus Liebig University Giessen (incomings)

Departmental contact persons:

Faculty 06



International Office
General counseling of international students
Dr. Saltanat Rakhimzhanova, Patrycja Zakrzewska

Goethestr. 58, Room 38
35390 Giessen

Contact and office hours

Further Information

Further Information: Documents

PDF documents for the courses of study

Examination- and study regulations


Courses offered in the course catalogue

International pages

Please have a look at our International Pages for more information in English.

Any Questions


Any Questions?

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Subject Advisor

Subject Advisor
Dr. phil. Christian Pilat
Institut für Sportwissenschaft
Kugelberg 62
35394 Gießen
Phone: +49 (0)641 - 99 25213


Central Study Advisor

Central Student Services

Directions and welcome desk