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Please find below the most frequently asked questions. 
If you still have any questions, please contact our team to get the information you need!


What is the exam like?

The exam will be a take-home exam at the end of the programme. It will be in essay format and you will have 48 hours to complete it. Final details will be communicated during the programme.


How will the exam be graded?

Grading will take place three weeks after the exam and there is no opportunity to retake the exam. All grades are final. The detailed grading scale (0 - 18 points) can be found in the curriculum outline of the programme.


Is it mandatory to attend the lectures?

Yes, due to the short duration of the programme, attendance at all lectures is mandatory. Exceptions can only be made in rare circumstances and an excuse must always be given in advance. Attendance during the online lectures will be continuously monitored. Switching on your camera, answering questions based on the topics discussed during the lectures and similar measures will be used to esnure the active participation of the students.

If you do not attend all the lectures and are absent without excuse, you will not be allowed to take the examination and will therefore not receive the ETCS.


How many ETCS do I get when completing the course?

All students who successfully complete the exam will receive 6 ETCS (if applicable) and a certificate of participation. A transcript of records and certificate of participation will be sent by email within two weeks after the grading has been finalized.


Where do the lectures take place?

Lectures will take place through an online platform. (In previous years Zoom has been used.)  


What is the language of the Winter School?

Lectures will be held in English, and the reading materials will also be distributed in English. Communication with the organizers should take place in English and inquiries in other languages are not answered by the team.


What is the English proficiency required for my application?

Fluent or upper intermediate English is required to attend Winter School. You will need: 

  • a certificate from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), completion of an academic diploma, course or university degree in English, an exchange period in English or an English course in an English-speaking environment, etc. 

Please note that high school diplomas are NOT valid evidence of English language proficiency for the selection criteria. (Unless you have completed your entire high school education in English).


What are the selection criteria for the application to this year´s IWU?

The IWU selection committee reserves the right to review and make decisions on the selection of applicants based on the below criteria:

  • Academic qualifications 
  • Previous knowledge and proven interest in International Law particularly on IHL and IHRL
  • Excellent English proficiency 
  • Geographical balance 
  • Relevant practical experience in the areas of IHL and IHRL is considered an advantage 


What is the application process like?

For the application process, see the details here. 


Can I cancel my registration?

A cancellation may be possible. In case of cancellation of the registration, we will follow our cancellation policy. You can find that here.