Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Kandidatenseminar 2012

13.12.2012  Prof. Francois Ebobisse (Cape Town, South Africa)
"Infintesimal Gradient Plasticity with Isotropic Hardening and Plastic Spin"

15.11.2012  Prof. Vasili Denisov (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moskau)
"Impact of lower-order coefficients on the stabilization property of parabolic equations"

25.10.2012  Prof. Mohameden Ould Ahmedou (Giessen)
"Topological degree for resonant mean field type equations"

18.10.2012  Prof. Daomin Cao (Acad. Sinica Beijing)
 “Regularization of steady point vortices  for ideal fluids in bounded planar domains”

16.08.2012  Prof. Gregory Derfel (Beer Sheva)
"New Liouville-type theorems for equations with rescaling"

21. 06.2012  Dr. Axel Jänig (Rostock)
“The Morse complex for reaction-diffusion equations”

05.07.2012  R. Mandel (Karlsruhe):
"Ground states of a nonlinear Schrödinger system"

10.05.2012  PD Dr. Ruben Jakob (Tübingen)
„The "Thread Problem": Its GMT formulation and boundary regularity of its solutions”

03.05.2012  PD Dr. Felix Schulze (FU Berlin)
"Uniqueness of compact tangent flows in Mean Curvature Flow"

26.04.2012  Dr. Axel Jänig (Rostock)
"The Morse complex for reaction-diffusion equations"


02.02.2012  Prof. Michael C. Mackey(McGill University, Montreal)
"Deterministic Brownian Motion"

02.02.2012  Dr. Percy Makita (JLU Giessen)
"Nonradial solutions for the Klein-Gordon-Maxwell equations"

02.02.2012  Prof. Michael C. Mackey  (McGill University, Montreal)
"Deterministic Brownian Motion"