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Kandidatenseminar 2016 / 2017

Kandidatenseminar 2017


19.10.2017  Dr. Tian Xu

"Concentrating standing waves for a nonlinear Dirac equation"



There is a very clear picture of the existence and asymptotic behavior of semiclassical states for nonlinear Schrödinger equations. Considering the nonlinear Dirac equations in conjunction with the Schödinger equation, an additional difficulty appears: the Dirac equations are strongly indefinite. In this talk, we shall introduce some recent results concerning semiclassical states for nonlinear Dirac equations.


13.07.2017 Veronica Felli (Università di Milano-Bicocca)

"Spectral stability under removal of small capacity sets and applications to Aharonov-Bohm operators"


In this talk, I will first describe the sharp relation between the order of vanishing of a Dirichlet eigenfunction at a point and the leading term of the asymptotic expansion of the Dirichlet eigenvalue variation, as a removed compact set concentrates at that point. Then I will discuss some applications of this spectral stability to the study of the asymptotic behaviour of eigenvalues of Aharonov-Bohm operators with two colliding poles. The talk is based on results obtained in collaboration with L. Abatangelo (Milano-Bicocca), C. Léna

(Torino) and L. Hillairet (Orléans).

 06.07.2017   Jprof. Dr. Nadine Große (Uni Freiburg)

"The Poisson problem on noncompact manifolds with boundary"


We consider Poisson problems on  manifolds with boundary and bounded geometry and assume that they have finite width (that is, that the distance from any point to the boundary is bounded uniformly).  As an application, we establish the connection to the Poisson problem on certain domains in the plane. In particular we get the well-posedness of strongly elliptic equations on domains with oscillating conical singularities, a class of domains that generalizes the class of bounded domains with conical points. This is joint work with Bernd Ammann

(Regensburg) and Victor Nistor (Metz).


28.06.2017    Dr. Lei Zhang (University of Florida)

"Blowup solutions of rank 2 Singular Toda systems"


Toda system is a system of nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations that has deep connections with Physics, Algebraic Geometry, Lie Algebra and other disciplines of sciences as well. One of the main difficulties in the study of such systems is the blowup phenomenon: a sequence of solutions tending to infinity somewhere and a corresponding concentration of energy.  Many traditional tools (for example maximum principle) that are very useful for elliptic equations fail miserably for Toda system. In this talk I will report my recent joint work with C. S. Lin, J. C. Wei and W. Yang, on the classification of local concentration of energy, a priori estimates, etc by a new approach, which consists of tools from different fields.


01.06.2017    Dr. Jean van Schaftingen (Université catholique de Louvain)

"Nodal solutions for the Choquard equation and their odd symmetry"


11.05. 2017   Dr. Aleks  Jevnikar (Uni Roma 2)

"Liouville-type problems on compact surfaces: a variational approach"


02.02.2017  Dr. Jaroslaw Mederski (Uni Thorn)

"The Brezis-Nirenberg problem for the curl-curl operator"


18.01.2017 Dr. Luca Martinazzi (Uni Basel) 

“The fractional Liouville equation in dimension 1 - Geometry, compactness and quantization”


 Kandidatenseminar 2016


01.12.2016  Nils Ackermann (UNAM, Mexiko)

"Ground states for irregular and indefinite superlinear Schrödinger equations"


24.11.2016 Sergiy Kolyada (Institute of Mathematics, NAS of Ukraine/ MPI Mathematik,Bonn)"

"Dynamical Compactness"

17.11.2016  Dr. Nicola Soave (Gießen)

"Normalized solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger systems"


10.11.2016  Prof. Anatoli Ivanov, Pennsylvania State University

"Wandering Intervals and Sinks for Smooth Interval maps2


27.10.2016  Prof. Jaqueline Godoy Mesquita

“Generalized ODEs: an overview and new trends”

14.07.2016  Dr. Rainer Mandel (KIT, Karlsruhe)

"Ground states and infinitely many bifurcation points for a saturated nonlinear Schrödinger system"

30.06.2016  Prof. Dr. Vu Hoang (Rice University, USA)

"Blowup for model equations of fluid mechanics"

23.06.2016   Prof. Nemanja Kosovalic (University of South Alabama)

"Local bifurcation theory for some nonreversible wave equations"


19.05.2016 Dr. Mariana Smit Vega Garcia (Universität Duisburg/Essen)

"The obstacle problem for the fractional Laplacian with drift"

28.04.2016 Prof. Marcello Lucia (CUNY, New York)

"On a chern-Simons model with two Higgs fields"

21.04.2016  Prof. Dr. Dirk Pauly (Essen)

"On the Maxwell Constants in 3D"


10.03.2016  Prof Alexander L. Skubachevsky, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moskau, 

"The Vlasov-Poisson system in a half-space"

Prof. Michael C. Mackey, McGill University, Montreal

"The origins of irreversibility: Why does time go one way ?"

11.02.2016   Dr. Serena Dipierro (Magdeburg):
"Concentration phenomena for the nonlocal Schroedinger equation"

21.01.2016   Dr. Dirk-Andre Deckert (Uni München)
"Elektrodynamik und Delay-Gleichungen"

Günter Hinrichs (Uni München)
"Zwei wechselwirkende Punktladungen auf einer Geraden“