Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


We work on interactions of hadrons and leptons with nuclei, with an emphasis on many-body effects and collision dynamics.

Studies of reactions with neutrinos, electrons and photons on nuclei can give a good handle on hadronic in-medium properties. On the other hand, understanding neutrino interactions with nuclei is essential for a quantitative analysis of long and short baseline experiments with neutrino beams.

We also pursue our earlier studies on dilepton production in proton-nucleus and heavy-ion reactions with an eye on the observability of in-medium changes of hadronic spectral functions. This work is closely related to the experiments CBM and HADES@FAIR.

Closely related to the experimental program planned for PANDA@FAIR are investigations of antiproton-induced hypernucleus formation, with single and double strangeness. This work has now stopped at Giessen, but is being pursued at the University of Thessaloniki by Prof. T. Gaitanos.

Our primary tool, the 'workhorse' for all these studies, is GiBUU:

U. Mosel