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International Conference on Percolation and Disordered Systems - Theory and Applications -

organized by Armin Bunde (Giessen), Klaus Funke (Münster), and Malcom D. Ingram (Aberdeen) Schloß Rauischholzhausen, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany May 11 - 14, 1997

The objective of the meeting was to bring together active researchers from universities, research institutes and the industry to discuss current topics in the field of glass sciences. These topics centre on phenomena relating to ionic transport. The idea was to encapsulate the most recent developments on the three levels of experiment, modelling, and application.

Survey of topics:

  1. The glassy state
  2. Local structure and ionic mobility
  3. Dynamics of ion transport: experimental results
  4. Dynamics of ion transport: concepts and mechanisms
  5. The mixed alkali effect
  6. Ion transport in glass technology
  7. Measurements at low temperatures and high voltages