Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Open Student Assistant Positions

Do you want to work as a student research assistant in our team? We have the following positions available! If you are interested, please use the information provided on the Contact page.

Assistant for Teaching

Educational examples or exercises in Bioinformatics often require not only a broad skillset of the students but also a complex infrastructure to be interactively explored. We center our educational efforts around a self-hosted Jupyter Hub to relieve students from the hurdles to set up these systems on their own hardware. Since Bioinformatics is a fast moving field, we seek the assistance of a highly motivated student that could cover one or several of the following areas:
a) develop new interactive programming or data exploration exercises to complement lectures
b) maintain our Jupyter Hub software stack
c) test and review code primarily written for educational purposes 
d) support student peers during practical curses

Creation of Educational pandas Videos

Metadata for biological experiments is commonly stored as a table and usually created via Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice. Managing these metadata sets by hand becomes increasingly difficult the bigger the experiment. Thus, we are using the Python library pandas for working with these large tables, like filtering samples, adding information, automatically creating plots or performing statistical tests. This switch sometimes poses a challenge especially for students who are unaccustomed to programming languages. Therefore, we want to create short educational videos for our students to have the opportunity of asynchronous learning tailored to the specific use cases in our lectures.