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Call for Abstracts





Wed 23rd Aug. 2023 – Sat 26th Aug. 2023

University of Gießen



Organizing committee: Volker Wissemann, Elvira Hörandl, Anže Žerdoner Čalasan, Natalia Tkach


Second Call for abstracts



Dear members (and future members...) of the DBG, section Biodiversity & Evolution!

It is a great pleasure to welcome many of you to our international section meeting this August 23rd – 26th 2023 at the Justus-Liebig University (JLU) of Giessen. Known for its long tradition in basic and applied plant research (the botanical garden was founded in 1609 and is the oldest garden in Germany still located at its place of foundation), the JLU Giessen is one of the traditional universities in Germany in which still today the full spectrum of botanical science, including Systematics, EvoDevo, Plant Ecology and Physiology, Plant breeding, Plant pathology is an active part of the JLU´ portfolio.

"Plant evolution in a changing world" is the topic of our meeting and participants will have ample room and possibilities to meet their colleagues to discuss the broad spectrum of plant evolution, techniques and concepts, theories and prospects of applied and basic research. Nevertheless, there will be time for social interaction and extensive networking opportunities for graduate students, postdocs, established scientists, and others. The annual meeting of the Section Biodiversity & Evolutionary Biology of DBG will bring our members together. Field excursions on Saturday 26th September will provide you with the opportunity to expand your floristic knowledge in the area of Giessen.

The meeting itself is structured by already confirmed plenary talks (Gitte Petersen, Peter Schönswetter, Alexander Zizka, and Christiane Ritz) and five symposia (chairs):

  1. How to tackle conflicting signals in phylogenetic datasets (S. Tomasello & N. Wagner)
  2. Double trouble or double insight? Paralogy and gen(om)e duplication events in NGS datasets (E.M. Joyce & A.Z. Čalasan)
  3. Genome/transcriptome sequencing and taxonomy (C. Nehrke & D. Albach)
  4. Plant biogeography: making the most of big data, from DNA to traits (G. Mendeita-Leiva & J. Hackel)
  5. Artificial Intelligence in Biology – How Machines enter Biodiversity and Evolutionary Research (K. Karbstein & L. Kösters)

By submission of your abstract by 16th June 2023 (max. 100 words, see Abtract Submission), please indicate to which symposium your poster or talk (20 min. slots) shall contribute. Open topics are also possible. As in previous years we expect to receive more abstracts for talks than we can present, and we might have to shift talks to posters; there is ample room for a general poster presentation with opportunities for intensive discussion.

Unfortunately, the space at Giessen is limited to 150 participants, and we will fill these places on a first come/first serve base. Those of you which confirm their attendance by sending us the registration formula you find on the homepage, will receive the personal number of their confirmation of participation, we will have to close it once we reach 150 participants, everybody else has to come on a waiting list. Otherwise registration deadline is on 1st July.

For any further information including the submission of the abstract and registration you will find these step by step on: With this link you find also Information for travel, accommodation, and location of the conference venue. Please book yourself, organizers will not arrange travel or accommodation.